Tips for Various Floor Surfaces

It’s not so much the decor and the theme of your home that makes it beautiful, but the cleanliness of it and how much you know about how to clean a floor. You can have the most expensive and beautifully designed home but if your floors are filthy and dirty, all the appeal of your home will be lost. It won’t only affect the visitors you have in your home but it will also affect your reputation. And for this, you have to take note of the kind of floors you have and know what and what not to do to get them clean.


When thinking about how to clean a floor made of wood, your best solution is preventative maintenance. If you accidentally spill something on it, you should clean it up immediately. You also have to sweep the floor regularly of any kind of dirt, soil and other particles. Once a week, you can also vacuum your floor to get all the dirt that you couldn’t get with sweeping. You should never use water to clean your floor if it’s made out of wood. This can cause warping which is even worse than just having dirty floors.


On the question of how to clean a floor made out of vinyl, regular sweeping and vacuuming is advised. For dirt that’s just too tough, you can clean your floor with a mop dampened with lukewarm water. If you need to make use of soap, use detergent type solutions like Pine Sol or Mr. Clean. If you have vinyl floors that are waxed, you can remove old wax simply by soaking and scrubbing your floor with wax remover. This would only be a once a year chore that will keep your floors looking beautiful and clean.

Stone, Brick, Tile

As for floors made of tile, stone or brick, there are also specific methods for how to clean a floor. First off, you have to use cleaning products that are manufactured for these materials. For brick and stone floors, make sure that you wet the floor first before you apply any brand of cleaner. Make sure the floor is wet during the cleaning process. Rinse thoroughly and you’re done. If you want to deep clean ceramic tiles, you can scrub your floor with a mixture of a cleaning powder and water. You can clean the floor with equipment like a rag mop or a sponge but it’s better to use a rag mop for floors made of brick, tile or stone.


Finally, with carpeted floors, even before you get carpets installed on your floors, choose a color that will hide soil and dirt. That said, the vacuum is your best friend with carpeted floors and you have to vacuum regularly to keep your carpets clean. With vacuuming, you take care of 80% of dirt and dry soil. You also have to do a periodic deep cleaning through methods like shampoo, dry extraction, steam cleaning etc. For these particular deep cleaning processes, you can hire a professional or learn how to clean a floor using these devices and do it yourself.