Tips for Cleaning Windows

Windows are a view to the world. They give customers – and potential customers – a peek into what’s happening inside your business. Windows also bring in light that can make any space appear vibrant, friendly and welcoming.

Unfortunately, cleaning glass windows and keeping them clean can be a challenge. Glass reflects every tiny fingerprint, slight smudge and touch that has ever come in contact with its surface. In addition, windows tend to be a magnet for children who enjoy pressing their little noses against the glass to get a better look outside or drawing invisible pictures with their fingers.

So what’s a business owner to do? Stay vigilant and arm yourself with tools that will make frequent cleanups pleasant and effective.

Start with good cleaning products. It seems like everyone has their own “secret” formula for keeping windows clean. Some swear that newspapers can keep windows streak-free. Others prefer wiping away cleaning solutions with paper towels, soft chamois cloths or humble dishrags.

Get the right cleaner for the job. There are many different types of glass cleaners on the market, so you want to be sure to stock your cleaning closet with the right cleanser.

Steer clear of streaks. If possible, schedule window cleaning for a cloudy day as bright sunlight may dry out your cleaning product of choice too quickly, creating unsightly streaks.

Another tip for finding and eliminating streaks faster: Clean the inside of windows in a horizontal direction while wiping the outside of windows in a vertical direction. This way if you observe a streak, you know immediately if it’s on the inside or the outside.

Speaking of the outside… You may think that the outside of windows don’t need to be cleaned as frequently as the inside, but that’s just a myth. Think about it: You wouldn’t wash the front of your shirt and not the back or shampoo only the back of your hair and not the front. The entire window – inside and outside – needs regular cleaning.

While inside windows may be more susceptible to smudges and fingerprints, outside the weather and its harsh elements are the main culprits of filthy windows. Raindrops can leave behind unsightly spots and forceful winds can deposit all kinds of dirt and debris on windows.

Squeegees are an excellent way to clean a window outside as they can cover a large area quickly and easily while helping to eliminate nasty streaks.

Set a cleaning schedule. When everyone is busy doing their jobs and taking care of customers, it can be difficult to recall when the windows were last cleaned. Make it a habit to check regularly or develop a daily schedule of chores that includes window cleaning.

Clean, sparkling windows can really set the tone for a business. In a food establishment, for example, customers want to enjoy their meal with a great view of the outdoors and don’t want to see greasy fingerprints greeting them instead. This gives the impression that the entire restaurant is dirty and unkempt, when in fact; it was just a matter of the last customers dining with young children.

Be aware of special circumstances. When customers do have young children with them, ask your employees to keep an eye out for dirty windows. All it takes is a quick spray and rub for the slate to literally be wiped clean.